Per Aspera ad Astra

Per Aspera ad Astra - Luftforsvarets Musikkorps

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Ole Edvard Antonsen is one of the greatest trumpet soloists of our time. After he was awarded the 1st price in the CIEM competition in Geneva in 1987 by a unanimous jury, he left his position in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and became a full time soloist.
Antonsen has performed as soloist on the great music podiums in more than 40 countries. On his home ground, his versatility as a musician has brought him to work both with symphony orchestras and with pop/rock and jazz musicians.

Over the last years, he has also taken up conducting and has conducted several of the Norwegian symphony orchestras. As from 2006, Antonsen is the chief conductor for the Luftforsvaret Band. (The Royal Norwegian Airforce Band.)


The Royal Norwegian Airforce band received its official connection to the Royal Norwegian Air Force on June 10th 2006. Both the band as well as our chief conductor wanted to celebrate the occasion with the release of a CD, and what was more natural than to record a CD containing marches that all had some kind of connection to the air. It was a long process to find which marches to include and several considerations were made in the selection. We wanted to create a varied CD, and include marches from the heavy and traditional marches to marches with an almost entertainment musical character. The 17 marches included in this CD were finally selected and we in the LFMK are proud to present the result after a week of intense recording under the inspiring direction of Ole Edvard Antonsen. We hope that you who listen to it, also will find pleasure in this collection of “airy” marches.