Norsk Klavermusikk

Alfred Gammelsæter, Risør (Norway) studies and selv studies in composition
and improvisation. “Lied ohne Worte” are the first piano composition
(1990) which was written to a piano class at Einar Steen-Nøkleberg.

Critics given in 2001 in connection with his debut as a composer:

“Alfred Gammelsæter presents himself as a knowledgeable and reflective musician.
In both melody and harmony he presents a consistent style founded
on a thorough knowledge of these fundamental elements of all composition
techniques. The core of his thematic starting point is clear, making use of
contrast in the development of an organic progression. Harmonically he uses
free-tonal elements with great skill at the same time as melodic and harmonic
phrases are supported by rhytmic force. In Fantasi (Fantasy) Alfred
Gammelsæter balances confidently between the vigorous passages and the
more reflecting and colourful harmonic constellations which are characteristic
of this form. The composition is ingeniously bound together by the use of a
chorale-like theme which breaks through a highly effective pedal note.”

Prof. Magnar Mangersnes