Norwegian Concertinos for Clarinet and Strings

Oslofjord Kammerfilharmoni is a new Orchestra. Based in Oslo with members from the region, who all are freelance musicians, is this orchestra, without financial support, in short time become one of the better orchestras in the region. With flexible size, from 15 up to 50 musicians they can fit into any repertoire in short time. It was an Idea from Bård Bosrup and Terje Boye Hansen, who met each other for the first time in 2006. The Idea was to perform and record music of the Norwegian composers, to perform on festivals in the oslofjordregion. To collect and create a group of all the great freelance musicians in and around Oslo.
Engagements with the Oscarborg opera company, Cæciliaforeningen and benefit Concert for the Catastrophe in Japan 2011, this first cd recording, is some of the Highlights in the past years.
These four concertinos have all without exception been composed on the request to Norwegian composers from the clarinet player Richard F. Kjelstrup. The compositions we present on this CD are believed to be of great interest to those actively interested in our musical roots. There are hundreds of good clarinetists out there and a number of good string orchestras in need of inspiration and tips on suitable repertoire.
The music on this first CD project of Oslofjord Kammerfilharmoni is all, without exception, written after the Second World War. An orchestra consisting of strings is a transparent company, and it is ideal as a base for this cd project for clarinet and strings. These four Norwegian plants are, for the most unknown, but has a surprisingly high quality. They are found in old recordings stored in NRK’s archives, but they never got their place in history, released or made available to the public.
The conductor Terje Boye Hansen has made a remarkable effort to discover and find the forgotten Norwegian composers. To find our hidden treasures, take them out of the archives and to make them visible and audible to the concert public and to record some of the composers. Some of the recordings are, Sigurd Islandsmoen Requiem, Hjalmar Borgstrøm two Operas, Thora of Rimol and The Fisherman.