Norwegian Brass Expo

NORWEGIAN BRASS EXPOMorten Schjelderup Wensberg, cond.
1. Concerto Grosso Op.61 - Derek Bourgeois
2. Set To - Mark-Anthony Turnage
3. Playgrounds for Angels - Einojuhani Rautavaara
4. Yacky Gut Fur, Sour Beehives - Jon Øivind Ness

Norwegian Brass Expo (NBE) fikk høsten 2012 skrevet verket “YACK GUT FUR SOUR BEEHIVES” av Jon Øivind Ness. Utgangspunktet for bestillingen var et 30 minutters verk for brassensemble og 2 slagverkere.
Norwegian Brass Expo (NBE) ble startet I 2007. Ensembles ble grunnlagt for å promotere og bevare brass tradisjonen som finnes i Norge.

Litt om bestillingsverket:
is composed with influence from ambient and minimalist music. It is one of my first attempts to construct extended musical periods with minimal material. The piece starts out like a slow mapping of a collection of vertical sounds that are largely consonant, similar in sound, and within a limited range. Dissonance and interference only occurs when these sounds overlap and collide with their microtonal relatives. A grand melody forms and culminates in a section that simply is out of tune – like an old, out- of-tune piano. This section is interrupted by the quick material from before and leads to the finale.
Jon Øivind Ness